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Capture Screen makes it easier for you to take screenshots on Android devices. To take screenshots on most Android devices, you just have to press the volume and on/off buttons at the same time. This app will give you some alternative ways to take screenshots, though, like shaking the device.

Besides offering different ways to take screenshots, Capture Screen also lets you choose whether to save an image as JPG or PNG (default). Another interesting feature is that you can rename screenshots before saving them and even select the directory where you want to keep them.

Although it's not directly related to taking screenshots, the app also offers a lot of interesting features for editing images. With it, you can crop them, add text fragments, apply filters, and so on.

Capture Screen is a very useful screenshot app. Thanks to this app, you'll not only have more options when it comes to taking your screenshots, but also when editing your images.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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